WMNR Spring Fundraising Drive

From Friday April 21 to Saturday April 29 WMNR will conduct its annual Spring Fundraising Drive. One of three on air fundraising drives a year, we are asking for your financial support to keep classical and fine arts music going strong on WMNR Fine Arts Radio.

This year is our 35th Anniversary and we look forward to broadcasting many more years of great classical and fine arts music. Please contribute by clicking the blue Spring Drive on the left or call us at 1-800-345-1812. Thank You!

WMNR Fine Arts Radio's Doug Fox

Doug Fox, a founding host of Evening at the Opera, recently passed away after a long illness. Remarkably, years ago, he recorded a 50-second  announcement to be played in the event of his incapacitation or death. He says:

"This is Doug Fox, Host of Fine Arts Radio's Evening at the Opera. If you are
hearing my voice on this recording it means that I am either incapacitated
or dead. I simply want to express my gratitude to all the listeners whom I've talked with over the years. Evening at the Opera has been a wonderful part of my life, one of the most important things in it, and there is no way I can adequately express my gratitude to you. No one need feel sorry for me, I have had a wonderful life, in large part due to you. Thank you." 

Evening at the Opera began with Doug and two other hosts back in 1983. The
other hosts left the air years ago, but Doug made WMNR and sharing his love for vocal music his life's work and we all are very much the richer for it. Doug's last Opera program was in the summer of 2016.

There will be two on air memorial programs for Doug. The first was on Tuesday, March 21 from 8:00 pm to midnight. It featured some of Doug's favorite operas and singers. Comments from listeners were also read. The list of music played and some of those comments can be seen by clicking here The second program will be on Tuesday, April 18 from 8:00 pm to midnight. There will be highlights from some of Doug's many opera programs.

A memorial service and celebration will be held on Saturday, May 6, 2017 at  11:30 am at: Abriola Parkview Funeral Home,  419 White Plains Rd, Trumbull, CT. Recordings of operatic music will be played at his memorial service, and listeners of his program and all opera lovers are invited.

Comments from listeners, a YouTube link to one of his program, and more information about Doug Fox can be found on his personal page at WMNR.org.  It includes an interesting article about variety in the operatic canon.  Go to the page by clicking here.

Listening to Music by Will Duchon

In “Leaves of Grass,” Whitman writes about wandering “in paths untrodden,” where his soul is fed “by tongues aromatic” among the unexplored and unspoiled growth beside a quiet pond. The idea here is about being intentional. It’s about breaking away from the norm and the familiar conformities, and discovering overlooked sources of beauty. With a little imagination, this idea can be applied to our experience of listening to, and broadcasting, music. (article continues here)

Major Gifts Representative Job Opening

WMNR Fine Arts Radio is still thriving after 35 years thanks to the financial support of our members. As a reflection of our growth, WMNR is now seeking a part-time, paid Major Gifts Representative. He or she will direct all major giving efforts for WMNR, including annual major giving, planned giving, special project fundraising, and especially donor appreciation. EOE/AA. For more information, you can find the complete job description by clicking here.

Improved WMNR Streaming Audio and new Archived Audio

In July WMNR upgraded its audio streaming over the internet. The sound quality is noticeably richer. WMNR now streams our music at a rate of 128 kbps.

We also are now offering Archived Audio on demand over the internet. Click on the Archived Audio graphic on the left hand side or visit our LISTEN page. You can select a program from the past week and listen when you would like to!

WMNR Mobile web page and WMNR App

In July WMNR began offering a mobile web page that is viewed when you go to WMNR.org on you mobile phone or tablet. We also offer a mobile app for Apple or Android. Go the our web site on your mobile device to be offered a change to download the app. You can also download it to your computer by using the link on the lower let hand side of this page.

Six WMNR broadcasters share their programs on-demand  

Will Duchon of Friday Evening Classics offers some of his programs The Night Café and Words & Music, as does H. William Stine of Turntable for One.  Each of the shows of Garrett Stack, both Broadway Bound and American Jukebox, are available to listeners after they air.  They join Jay Harris who made 19 of his One Great Song programs available. Peter Shimkin has put some of his Evening at the Opera programs up as well.  Haven't yet tried listening yet?  It's simply a recording of a radio program, archived on the internet, available for listening anytime you are online.   

WMNR Annual Report

To find out more about the station, please peruse our four-page WMNR Annual Report by clicking  here .

WMNR's Videos

To celebrate our 30th Anniversary, WMNR Fine Arts Radio produced a video featuring 27 broadcasters and staff. The piece is a loving tribute that gives you an inside look at the people who make up the station. Produced by WMNR’s own H. William Stine, with Associate Producer Megan Stine. To view the video, click the photo.

After H. William Stine and Megan Stine produced the WMNR 30th Anniversary video, they teamed up again for a slightly less serious, but completely accurate, look at our broadcasters. To view the video, click the photo.

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